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Having played for the last four years as a duo, Norcsalordie will be joined by other musicians in June for the first time under the title of THE NORCSALORDIE BAND.  To co-incide with the long awaited release of their first true studio album which was recorded with session musicians to give the full band sound Norcsalordie will be playing two major festivals in Leicester - The band will have a high profile slot in Leicester's prestigious Big Session and will also be appearing in the Riverside Festival in Bede Park.  They will also be appearing as a full band at The Hind for the 'Little Session'.  The album which is almost entirely self penned will be the central theme of these performances

This is a new and exciting venture which may well show the direction for the future of the boys and be another step forward in their musical careers

08 March 2009 Busy March
After a quiet January and February Norcsalordie are back in the thick of it with a busy March.  As well as the usual gigging the boys have been involved in photo shoots for new promotional material.  As well as that they have found time to play on a new CD for Lisa Banks.  In doing so they are returning a favour as Lisa appears on the new Post to Pillar album which is soon to be released.  On it she sings with Paul on 'The Raven Headed Lass and the Bonnie Boy' a tale of young lovers overcoming disapproval which unusually for the folk genre finishes happily and not under a truck!

Also in March Norcsalordie are appearing alongside the most excellent Martin Carthy on the 25th March at Folkmob in Eltham.  Martin is of course a legend in his own lifetime and renowned on the folk circuit around the country as an inspiration to a generation  (come to that Paul isn't bad and Martin Carthy should be alright with a bit of practice! :-))

For tickets & more information email sue@folkmob.com or phone 07548 390 534.

16 January 2009 Happy 2009!
Firstly let us wish everyone a most successful New Year! Our forthcoming album "Post to Pillar" is taking shape and it has to be our most exciting project to date. We should shortly be updating the website with a new design - watch this space! Sadly we had to withdraw our CDs from Zavvi due to the current climate, however you can still get them direct from us, either drop us a line or come and see us at a pub near you!

14 December 2008

Merry Christmas
We would like to wish a very Happy Christmas to all our fans and followers, to all those who have booked us in the last year, to those behind the scenes who have supported us, to our fellow performers who have encouraged us and to the many new friends we have made while traveling the country doing what we enjoy best.

We hope to see you all again in the New Year when we shall be continuing our mission to blow the cobwebs off Folk Music! 

19 November 2008

New Video
On the demos page we now have Videos available to view from YouTube.  The footage was taken by Richard Phipps of Ideas That Sell at the Folkmob evening of 15 October.  The three tracks that feature are - Draft Dodger Rag - The Islander - and The Dogger Bank.  There are further recordings to be found on YouTube itself - just search for 'Norcsalordie'

4 November 2008

Beware when surfing
It has come to our attention that when you enter Norcsalordie into Google, apart from the 150 or so genuine and interesting hits that come up - almost entirely band-related because of our name - you will also get results including the word 'rapidshare'.  We recommend that you do NOT click on these links as we have found them to be suspect.

11 October 2008

The Crown Beer Festival
Thanks to Mark and Fiona of The Crown in Otford Kent for staging a brilliant Beer Festival this weekend.  The superb location in this pretty village and weather that we have only dreamed of this year were the backdrop to a fun filled event with Morris dancing, singarounds, a stiltwalker and fireeater, hogroast and Saturday evening around a campfire lit in the pub garden with Norcsalordie performing through until midnight

The boys kicked off with Durham Jail and a few of their faster numbers and immediately the audience started dancing.  With a couple of pauses for breath the dancing went on right up to midnight - the audience being more of a cross section of the public both young and not-so-young than out and out folkies.  The request for Wild Rover was duly honoured and there did not appear to be a single person in the crowd who was not singing along - likewise with the Drunken Sailor

Before they had even stopped playing it was agreed in principle that they should be back for a repeat performance same time same place next year - by which time the village's most famous listed feature should look less like Otford Builders Merchants and more like a duckpond !

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7 October 2008

Norcsalordie CD on Sale from Tesco Extra
We have to say it seemed a bit unlikely when we found Tescos offering our CD Longtails and Yellerbellies online - so we had to order one.  As yet nothing has turned up and the order has been put back twice.  Have a go and see if you have better luck than we have - http://www.tesco.com/entertainment/product.aspx?R=881758&bci=7|CD

12 September 2008

The boys have been working on a new CD soon to be launched and this one will be different.  This time they have the benefit of a fully professional studio and a selection of session musicians to bring more depth to their music.  For this cd they are recording their own material and some of the songs they have penned stand alongside the best of the standards for which they are better known.  This album represents a huge investment for two modest lads and their faith in their own ability is fortunately matched by their talent.

The object of this CD is to launch their career onto a new level and to get them noticed by the establishment for the force that they are.  All around the country they have been nibbling into the folk consciousness and wherever they have appeared they have received acclaim - and ruffled a few feathers along the way.  Now is the time for the folk world en masse to sit up and take note that they have arrived and it will no longer be an excuse to say "I've never heard of them"  to do so will simply show that you are not paying attention.  The new kids on the block are here so move over - they are coming in

Keep watching this website for news of the Launch Date and how you can get a copy of the new cd - 


8 September 2008

A new video has been added to YouTube.  Taken by a fan at the recent Broadstairs Folk Week it shows the boys at The Prince Albert performing Bell Bottomed Trousers - here's the link - Kindly titled "Best band in Broadstairs 2008" (and who are we to argue!) let's hope that there is more footage in the can just waiting to be added.

17 August 2008

Germany + Broadstairs 2008 pictures
5 pictures from the Broadstairs Folk Week added to the Gallery + review and 10 pictures from Germany

6 August 2008

Bring on Broadstairs
Just back from a cracking tour of Germany - four gigs in four nights plus an impromptu set on a Rhine cruiser - very well received by the Germans, Canadians, Americans, Australians, French, Irish - and those are just the nationalities we know about.  Back in England now with just three days to gather ourselves together for the most delightful Festival in the country - Broadstairs Folk Week - eight gigs in seven days and we're looking forward to every one of them.

This year we know the ropes and we are really hoping for some good weather to set the seal on this gem.  Whether it's performing, busking on the prom, paddling in the sea, checking out the rockpools, talking to like-minded people, listening to our favourite music, eating fish and chips or just relaxing at the campsite Broadstairs is the place to be.  Hope to see and talk to as many of you as possible

J8 July 2008

Fox and Hounds - Monday 21st July
After just a handful of floorspots Norcsalordie have been given an evening as the main guests at the Fox and Hounds Folk Club at Romney Street near ...... well it's not really near anywhere actually.  find a map of north-west kent and draw a circle that goes through Shoreham, Otford, Kemsing and West Kingsdown.  Right in the centre you have the Fox and Hounds - which just happens to be our Pub of the Month for July. 

Believe it or not - despite having performed literally hundreds of gigs all round the country - this is the first time Norcsalordie have appeared as the main act at a folk club.  This is a challenge to be relished and a great opportunity to showcase their songwriting skills as well as to air some of the more obscure songs they have made their own - but in true Norcsalordie style fun and energy will be foremost in the set.  A golden opportunity for folk fans in the south to hear the boys in their last gig before leaving on their German tour - one not to be missed

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